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Markus Ulsass

Hardware Developer / Technical Writer @ Freelancer

Already in the beginning of the 1990s Markus Ulsaß used the early digital, barely interconnected world as senior photo editor to exchange photos between different locations for the german publisher Axel-Springer Verlag to accelerate and automate processes.
Today he is working as consultant and developer of hardware, micrcontroller and embedded systems as well as reverse-engineering hard- and software. In a three month project last year he was in a team to develop a smart home hub in Silicon Valley.

He is writing about microcontroller, smart home and internet of things for the german edition of Make: magazine and did proofreading for several books of the german O'Reilly publishing house about Raspberry Pi and Arduino. He also conducts workshops, events and talks at the local makerspace Attraktor and is partner of "Creative Space for Technical Innovations" at the HAW university in Hamburg.

The buzzword "Internt of Things" has such a wide meaning it's hard for a curator to pick the right talks but also very thrilling to do so. When will the computer be ubiquitous and how will the world of interconnected things look like?

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